The Annie McCauleySeries of books available in ebook or paperback
The Annie McCauleySeries of books available in ebook or paperback
The Annie McCauley Romantic Comedy Mysteries
The Annie McCauley Romantic Comedy Mysteries


Here's where you'll find all the books available in this romance, comedy, mystery series. Each book has a brief description and links to the online stores where you can purchase them (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, Tolino). If you've enjoyed the works of Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Crusie, and Denise Grover Swank, you'll love these hilarious books.



     (For a limited time this (ebook) book is Free at Amazon ,Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo,  and Scribd) Look out New York City! Ms. Rayanne “Annie” McCauley from little old Mesa View, Texas has set her sights on being a high fashion model. Despite her humble beginnings in the Mesa View Mobile Home Park, hot tempered Annie thinks she can make it all the way to the cover of Women’s Wear Daily (as long as she follows her own rules).

     She may also snag the heart of sexy Tomi Di Ponti, the CEO of Di Ponti Cosmetics and Fashions, but not without a lot of trouble from her arch rival, Brittany Carstairs, another alumnus of the trailer park and a woman who never met a nasty trick she didn’t use. When it looks like things can’t get any worse, along comes Luther Grolsch, handsome, dangerous and possibly the most annoying man Annie ever met. Hilarious situations and quirky characters make this romantic, comedy, mystery, adventure a must read.

     Annie McCauley may finally be getting her big break in the modeling world. She's moved to New York City and rented a small apartment in Queens. Her best friend, Luis, a diminutive, gay, Latino, makeup artist lives right across the hall. She has aced her first interview with handsome, Tomi Di Ponti and is ready for her second interview where she expects to be given the job as spokesmodel for the new Czarina line of cosmetics and fashions. 

     But things rarely go smoothly for Annie and before she knows it, Brittany has pulled one of her dirty tricks and it looks like Annie may not get the job after all. However, with the help of Luis and the understanding of Tomi things seem to be working out. Brittany isn't easily beaten and through an elaborate plan it appears she's working against Annie behind the scenes. Comical mishaps, the Rigatoni, a vertically challenged gang of old world mobsters, and Nonni, the grandmother from hell all make Annie's dream seem just out of reach.

     Enter Ida and her son, Luther Grolsch, a very sexy man that Annie feels might be the most annoying man she's ever met. Together they try to keep Annie alive and find out who is really behind the sabotage that seems to be aimed at the Di Ponti Company and Annie in particular. Will Annie and Tomi ever get together? Who hired the Rigatoni Gang? Find out in Annie's 1st Break.

Available at: Amazon (kindle and paperback)  Barnes and Noble  iTunes  Kobo (and other fine stores) Free ebook at all.


Annie McCauley is the Calamity Jane of the high fashion world. If something can go wrong... but things don’t go wrong by themselves, they usually have some help from her arch-rival, Brittany Carstairs. They both grew up in the Mesa View Mobile Home Park in West Texas and both are now in New York City where evil Brittany cost Annie her job as spokesmodel for Tomi Di Ponti, the sexiest and most eligible bachelor in NYC and CEO of Di Ponti Cosmetics and Fashions.

Tomi gives Annie a second chance. Now Annie must grudgingly take the help of annoying though sexy, Luther Grolsch the man she accidentally shot. Sometimes Annie regrets shooting Luther and sometimes she wishes she’d done a better job. He’s that kind of guy. Quirky characters in hilarious situations and an accident prone heart make Annie both laughable and lovable in 2nd Chance a fun read.

The trouble starts when Annie, who was on her way to meet Tomi wakes up in a dumpster to find she missed their meeting and let Tomi down. Enter Rudy the Rat and a seven foot tall mugger named, Zip, two denizens of the back alleys of New York. While trying to help Tomi keep his company and deciding between two sexy though flawed men, Annie goes on a wild romp through the fashion and diamond districts of New York with Luther and Luis at her side and two hit men hot on her heels.

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     Since hitting New York like a Texas Tornado, Annie McCauley from little Mesa View Texas has been trying to make it in the high fashion world. After losing her gig with handsome Tomi Di Ponti and his cosmetic company and getting blacklisted in the modeling business, she’s been forced to accept a job from Ida Grolsch delivering and protecting people like Mary Jane Adams, a brilliant but troubled girl whose mama tried to strangle her.

     Her first assignment takes her to Maine where a psycho and federal agents make life difficult. Her budding romance with Ida’s son Luther blows up in her face when a blonde bombshell from Luther’s past shows up at the door, but Luther can explain. Or can he? Like they say, it ain’t over til’ the fat lady sings and that’s right after your third strike. An ex-fiancé, a hermit, large women, and of course, her sidekick, Luis the gay Latino makeup artist, make Annie’s first trip to Vacationland (Maine) a memorable one. 


Available at: Amazon (kindle and paperback)  Barnes and Noble  iTunes  Kobo  (and other fine stores)

     In this fourth book in the Annie McCauley series, Annie McCauley hasn’t given up on her dream of being a high fashion model. Her evil arch rival, Brittany Carstairs who grew up in the same trailer park in Mesa View Texas has gotten her fired from every job she’s had, but when she lands a new modeling gig she’s sure Brittany won’t get the best of her and she’ll be able to quit her job working for Ida Grolsch delivering and protecting people.

     But before she can say, “Foiled again!” she’s pounding the pavement and working with Luther Grolsch, Ida’s sexy, dangerous, son who just happens to be in love with Annie. Annie takes the gig to pay the rent and asks herself, “How difficult could it be to deliver two old geezers to Key West?” Four corpses later, Annie has her answer and a family mystery that must be solved with the help of Luther and her gay, Latino, sidekick, Luis.

Available at: Amazon (kindle or paperback) Barnes and Noble  iTunes Kobo  (and other fine stores)

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