The Annie McCauley Romantic Comedy Mysteries
The Annie McCauley Romantic Comedy Mysteries


     Welcome to Annie and Willee's place where you'll find information about the series of books chronicling the hilarious and heart warming adventures of Ms. Rayanne "Annie" McCauley as she  tries to make it in the world of high fashion. Well meaning and hot-tempered Annie has moved to New York City (she's rented a place in Queens) where she's doing her best to stay out of trouble.


     But trouble always seems to find her. She means well, but for some reason, like they say, "If it can go wrong... it will." There's no question that Annie has the looks to be susccessful, but does she have the luck? Can a small town gal from West Texas with a mobile home in her past find love and happiness in the big city?

      Annie's 1st Break


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In the first book Annie has arrived in New York City and started her modeling career. She's struggling to make it when she catches the eye of handsome Tomi Di Ponti, the CEO of Di Ponti Cosmetics and Fashions. He needs a spokesmodel for his new line and she needs the work.


Tomi has more than business on his mind, but he's so sophisticated and she's a recent resident of the Mesa View Trailer park in West Texas. On top of that she's accident prone. One hilarious situation after another ensues ...

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